Who is Darren Nathanael

You can contact me via email at me@darrennathanael.com. I read my email daily and my PGP key is 0x6d03afba32c7e1e2 | 5d5b2962d717769365301bbe6d03afba32c7e1e2. You can find my PGP key on various key servers, including OpenPGP, Ubuntu KeySRV, Surfnet.pl KeySRV, MIT EDU, and circl.lu.

As a fun note, here are a few quotes that I find amusing:

  • “Always trust what others say or write without ever questioning them. Especially their code.” - Albert Einstein

  • “If she this easy, then she prolly got a diseasy” - Dr Martin Luther King

  • “If a woman is giving you what you want, it is deception.” - Sun Tzu, Art of War

Thank you for reading.

Ahh, put that in there. Pretty sure no one will find this. Well, no one who’s not supposed to find it. There we go. Ohh.