Thanks for stopping by. Read below to learn more about myself and my background.

You can contact me via email at me@darrennathanael.com. I read my email daily and my PGP key is 0x6d03afba32c7e1e2 | 5d5b2962d717769365301bbe6d03afba32c7e1e2.

You can find my PGP key on various key servers, including OpenPGP, Ubuntu KeySRV, Surfnet.pl KeySRV, MIT EDU, and circl.lu.


It all started with Minecraft.
What? you may ask, well yes, I say to that. I love playing Minecraft, and that started my career.

I accidentally discovered my calling while playing with my friends. Minecraft is a multi player game that allows you do basically do everything you want.

I learned the penguin, aka Linux. It was rough, but I got the hang of it. Then as I became more intrested, I started to dig deeper, and fell in the rabbit hole.

That's the short story of how I became who I am today.

Skills & Experience

  • Network
    • Background on service provider networks, including:
      • Routing (BGP, OSPF, IS-IS)
      • Internet Services (DNS, DHCP, NTP, BRAS)
      • Connectivity (Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, and MPLS)
    • Strong understanding of network security technologies, their operation and limitations, including:
      • Switching and routing
      • Network security and Anti-DDoS measures
      • Network access control solutions
      • Network IDS/IPS solutions
      • Network monitoring solutions (Nagios, Cacti, Observium)
      • IPSec and TLS based VPNs
    • Familiar with layer-1 troubleshooting (datacentre, transport, optics, circuit troubleshooting, activation)
    • Familiar with layer-2 & layer-3 networking
    • Familiar with networking protocols and the OSI model
    • Network Automation, with Python, JS
    • Experience with hands-on work in bringing up network infrastructure
    • Experience creating documentation and procedures
    • 4 years of professional experience operating service provider, cloud, webscale network, deploying enterprise network solutions.
  • IT
    • Operational experience in a Linux production enviroment
    • Experience with Python & Bash scripting
    • Experience hardening Linux operating systems
    • Adept at learning new technologies and systems
  • MikroTik's
    • Familiar with MikroTik Product line-up
    • Familiar with MKTik Firewall & Routing
  • UniFI
    • I'm fully immersed in the UniFi Ecosystem, I know the ins of outs, use them on my home network.
    • Know the products knowlage base of the whole UniFi


    I love learning new things and challenging myself to the next level. I'm not afraid to learn.

    Ahh, put that in there. Pretty sure no one will find this. Well, no one who’s not supposed to find it. There we go. Ohh.