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UniFi Network Application 8.0.7

UniFi Network Application 8.0.7 adds support for Radio Manager, WireGuard VPN Client, and Site Overview, and improves the Port Manager section by adding an overview of all ports and the VLAN Viewer.

Youtube has started to artificially slow down video load times if you use Firefox. Spoofing Chrome magically makes this problem go away.

YouTube loads drastically slower if you are using Mozilla Firefox [Video]

EU being a chad, they're fixing Microsoft Windows.

Following pressure from the EU, a major tech giant—Microsoft—has been compelled to... Read more

How to connect your domain to Minecraft using SRV records - Cloudflare

Learn more about How to connect your domain to Minecraft using SRV records on Cloudflare if you have non standard port.

Spotify Audiobook - Yummy / Part 1

I downloaded Spotify Audiobook. You can too! legally of course, by paying Spotify premium.

New connect page

I'm late by an hour, anyhow new connect page. What is it? read more.

The Bubbly Extrovert.docx

Bubbly hubbly, a document that I found on my NAS about extrovert.

I lost a TB of data today - And it's alright.

Rainy Day Disaster: Flooded Room and Hard Drive Demise / Learn from My Mistake – Protect Your Valuables!

Mattermost - Open Source Team Collaboration

Mattermost, the open-source, self-hosted platform that combines chat messaging, task management, and collaboration. Unlike other options like Slack or Rocket.Chat, Mattermost offers a straightforward setup with Docker, making it easy to manage and customize.

Spotify vs YouTube Music?

Spotify and YouTube Music are two of the world's most popular streaming platforms. Let me tell you, after a year of switching to YouTube music and cancelling my Spotify subscriptions, it was well worth it. One of the reasons I switched to YouTube music is that their algorithm is better. With Spotify, songs became boring, predictable, and even unexpected. The transition from song to song just doesn't work for me. There is no way to modify it.

phpize not found - Fix for Debian and Ubuntu

How to fix -bash: phpize: command not found

King of Wrath - Book Thing?

She’s the wife he never wanted…and the weakness he never saw coming.

An update on Life


The history and evolution of JavaScript

JavaScript is a popular programming language that is used to build interactive and dynamic web applications. In this blog post, we explore the history and evolution of JavaScript, including its origins at Netscape and its standardization as ECMAScript.

2b2t: A Minecraft Adventure Like No Other

2b2t is more than just a Minecraft server - it's a world of endless possibilities, where players are free to create and explore without the constraints of rules or limitations.

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life: An Exploration of Human Existence

The question of human existence is one of the most fundamental and universal questions that we face as a species. In this blog post, we explore different theories and beliefs about the meaning and purpose of life, and discuss how we can find meaning and purpose in our own lives.


Sociology is the most useful, mind-opening, and helpful class to take.

What is AWS lambda?

AWS Lambda is a computing service that runs your back-end code in response to events.

How I setup my serverless website for free using Cloudflare pages

Serverless go 📈📈📈

How to configure fail2ban, and automatically report it to AbuseIPDB.

This should work with any fail2ban version higher than v0.10.0

How to Resize Image on the fly with NGINX

an alternative to Cloudflare edge 'Image Resizing' or just an easy way to get your image resized.

AAPanel IPv6

Enable AAPanel Dashboard on IPv6 only server

Debian 10 to 11

update debian 10 to 11

Tmux - Darren's essential tool.

The tools that Darren uses everyday. Tmux is a Terminal multiplexer used for multiplying terminal sessions.

setting up tunnelbroker (networks)

Setting up tunnelbroker for lavalink using the default 'network' (ifup ifdown).

The challenge of running lavalink

This blog post is about how I run my public lavalink server and how I managed it. also some of my frustations with it.

How I handle jays.host ddos attack

On January 2021 Jays.host started getting ddosed by e-z.host, here's how I mitigated it.

setting up tunnelbroker (netplan)

Setting up tunnelbroker for lavalink using netplan.

How to make your own CDN with 10 GB storage for free

For educational purposes only.

How to make lavalink server

Here’s how to properly setup lavalink on Windows, MacOS, or Linux