EU being a chad, they're fixing Microsoft Windows.

By Darren Nathanael on Sun, Nov 19, 2023

Good news for Windows users today: a large tech company has once again been pressured by the EU to make their products slightly less of a bloated, spy-wear-ridden dumpster fire in order for them to be allowed to sell in the EU.

The EU’s mandate that Microsoft allow users to uninstall default apps that are pre-installed with every copy of Windows. Which is a big win. Applications like Microsoft Edge, Bing search, Cortana, Microsoft Newsfeed, and those default camera and photos apps that nobody seems to use can now be uninstalled from your system.

For EU users, a significant relief comes in the form of a choice regarding syncing Windows with a Microsoft account. Over the years, The requirement for Microsoft accounts has irritated a lot of users over time. With more control and privacy, EU users can now decide whether to link their Windows experience with a Microsoft account.

A lingering question arises: can users outside the EU exploit these privacy and user-centric benefits? The answer, seems to be a potential yes. With Windows primarily running on devices lacking onboard GPS, users might find ways to trick the system into believing they are in the EU, unlocking the same benefits.

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