I lost a TB of data today - And it's alright.

By Darren Nathanael on Wed, Nov 15, 2023

Today, it rained heavily, and my room got flooded. I found out that the water came from my balcony. I can’t stand my balcony. I hate my balcony. The flood is a bit iffy, but nevertheless one of the drive that I put on the floor died, it was a 1TB Seagate hard drive, I only use it to store my game file (Steam NAS) fortunately which is fine but I needed to get a replacement soon.

Lets all take a moment to pay respect,

RIP 1TB Seagate Drive

Moral of the story: avoid placing valuables on the floor, or else you risk the demise of your drives. Btw LEN, is short LEN (Low Effort November), which means I will post low effort blog for the rest of November’s :D Also, the rest LEN writing will be assisted by Windows Co-Pilot & GPT 3.5.
(Mostly Co-Pilot since it’s more friendly. Ish. A human writes this sentence. Or is it…)

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