Buybye Microsoft

By Darren Nathanael on Thu, Jan 18, 2024

I ditched Windows!



Also so so sorry Alex for not replying in time to your email. If you’re reading this, I was away for a week and kinda just forgot to reply? sorry…

I, am, done, with, windows.

Once upon a day, I stumbled upon a brand new 2 TB NVMe SSD (Just kidding, I purchased it myself), and I was about to install Windows 11 on it. Keyword was, downloading the ISO was simple, installing Windows 11 is pain.

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So I said well ’tis not worth thy time, so I try to find a distro and remembered once a great man said

“Fuck you NVIDIA” - Linus Torvalts

So that’s what I did: I installed Fedora, the distribution he uses, Fedora. The default DE that came with Fedora is GNOME, and I don’t like how GNOME works, so I chose the Fedora KDE flavor.

It was easy to install; there was no fuss or need to force an account login. Ahem, windows

Upon installing it, the first thing I noticed was my audio was working immediately. I was like whoa this is new, 2–3 years ago I have to tweak the kernel to have my audio interface working. But that didn’t happen; It just works. Since I installed Fedora on an AMD system, drivers also just “works”. Which is honestly a big relief for me, since windows usually love to uninstall my AMD driver for no reason whatsoever.

My Fedora install, Neofetch

I’ve been on Fedora for 5 days now, and so far my experience has been perfect. My boot time is excellent, games, and everything has been great. I even got Microsoft Office 365 & Visio to work on Linux, Thanks to WinApps. The only thing I was not able to get to work is Ableton Live 11, my DAW. It kind of disappoints me, but it’s okay, I can just launch a virtual machine (VM) the next time I need to edit audio or music.

Will I distro hop? No, I’m most likely going to stick with Fedora. For the people that recommend arch, No, thanks. I’m happy with Fedora.

As always, thanks for reading, hope you’re having a lovely day. And connect with me! Or else I will eat your cookie.