Tmux - Darren's essential tool.

By Darren Nathanael on Tue, Mar 1, 2022 / Updated at Wed, Nov 15, 2023

Hello 📦 Do you ever wonder how to have multiple terminal’s open, so you can do multiple awesome stuff at the same time? Well tmux is here to help! 🙌 Tmux is essentially “just another terminal” that you can open and close without stopping the inside process. I use Tmux when installing and updating heck even running lavalink and/or discord bot in the background for easy access!

How do we install tmux? Well it’s pretty simple and easy! Depending on the distro you are using tmux should already be added in the repository.

1# Arch
2yay -S tmux
3# Debian and Ubuntu
4apt install tmux
5# RHEL / CentOS / Rocky or whatever thats based on yum
6yum install tmux

pretty simple right?

So how do we use it? Well there are alot of ways you can use it, but i’m just going to show you the most simplest way you could use it. To open a new window / terminal, you can run

1tmux new -s abcdefu

That will create a new session called abcdefu, Now you can exit the session by running exit or if you wanted to de attach that session to make it run in the background you can press control + b, d.

While in that tmux session you may notice that scroll up doesn’t work, well simply put in a tmux session to scroll up or down you need to press control + b, pageUp or pageDown. simple eh?

If you wanted to see all of your currently “running” tmux session you can do tmux ls to list all.

To reattach the tmux session that you just de attach, you can do tmux a -t sessionName

There’s alot more stuff you can do with tmux! I’d advise you to look at the cheat sheet for more information

Thank you for reading, have a great day!