Firm Foundation - Breaking new subs?

By Darren Nathanael on Tue, Feb 6, 2024

Si, in church there is a saying
More Subs, More Salvation

Subwoofer actually helps in certain scenarios like:

Video “Need new “Boom Boom” song recommendations in the comments pls.” by @ Stephen Sheppard and Justin Whisnant

Need new “Boom Boom” song recommendations in the comments pls. This one is banned.

Never have we ever forgotten to add a Low Pass to that song. 😇

One time in Orlando, Decker made a chiropractic clinic very upset.

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If you buy a new speaker or subwoofer and need to test it, I’ve compiled a great list of songs for you to try. Some are church-friendly, while others are not as much.

The playlist is available right here:

Personal Favorite

Number One: Beyoncé - Partition. Thisss is a must for a sound check to check the subs are 👌🏽👌🏽😂. I recommend it to anyone testing their gear. As this song has a lot of action in the 20~80 Hz frequency range, it is not so church-friendly.

Number two: A Milli - Lil Wayne. This one is perfect if you want to clean your house. Perfect 5/7 for sub destruction. However, it’s also not very church-friendly.

Number three: Swell - LAAKE. This one is a great ceiling tile destroyer, very effective if you want your building to fall down. It features a lot of 20~40 Hz frequency; some people say it makes your eye contact go brrr. Bonus points for being church-friendly.

Personal Favorite

Fan favorite

Lights Shine Bright - TobyMac: This one is very appropriate for a church environment. You can even play it before the service to enhance the church experience. 😉; Recommended by @ 𝖈𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖇 🐲

Rumble - Skrillex, Fred again.. & Flowdan: “Try Rumble, 20ish Hz frequencies” - @ Jacob Pegher

Doin’ it Right - Daft Punk: “The third note in the bass line will clean your whole house for you” - @ Tate Marsh

In The City - Basstripper: Recommended by @ Matthew Elenbaas

The Loser - Verzache: Recommended by @ Matthew Elenbaas

Fan Favorite

Let me know if you have more recommendations
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