Wi-Fi setup on hAP ax^3

By Darren Nathanael on Sat, Feb 10, 2024

While Mikrotik wifi is nothing to write home about, it is still pretty usable.

Do not play with frequencies and cipher suites, unless you know what are you doing. Specifically frequencies and band widths are pretty joined together, they have to fit each other. Your’s don’t. So unless you have a specific need, use defaults.

1/interface wifi channel
2add band=5ghz-ax disabled=no name=ch-5 skip-dfs-channels=10min-cac width=20/40/80mhz
3add band=2ghz-ax disabled=no name=ch-24 width=20mhz

Note that here, in 5 Ghz, the client can use up to the 80 MHz wide band. In 2,4 GHz, only 20 MHz - that’s the polite thing to do, when you are in the city. If you are in the country with no neighbors to disturb, you can use 20/40 MHz.

1/interface wifi security
2add authentication-types=wpa2-psk,wpa3-psk disabled=no ft=yes name=wifisecprofile

Just use WPA2 and WPA3, do not be bothered with specific ciphers; Mikrotik will do the optimal thing. Note here, that ft=yes enables fast transition (roaming, between 2,4 and 5 GHZ ssids).

1/interface wifi configuration
2add country="United States" disabled=no mode=ap name=wificonfig security=wifisecprofile ssid=ssid123
4/interface wifi
5set [ find default-name=wifi1 ] channel=ch-5 configuration=wificonfig configuration.mode=ap disabled=no name=wifi5
6set [ find default-name=wifi2 ] channel=ch-24 configuration=wificonfig configuration.mode=ap disabled=no name=wifi24

If you want to set vlan, with wifiwave2 you need to set it on the bridge:

1/interface bridge port
2add bridge=bridge ingress-filtering=no interface=wifi5 pvid=111
3add bridge=bridge ingress-filtering=no interface=wifi24 pvid=111

Now, if you are still getting piss poor performance, then MikroTik might not be the one for you. Sell it or refund it and switch to something simpler such as Ubiquiti UniFi line-up. They’re everywhere.

UniFi AP AC Spotted In The Wild

When configured correctly MikroTik AP are actually pretty good, it integrates nicely with my UniFi Ecosystem. Roaming used to be an issue, but after messing around with the configuration I was able to get everything up to par.

I wanted to add this comment from John Hagensieker MikroTik hAP AX3 mini review,

I think the Lower wifi range comments that I have read are from the hAP AC3 range.

I have a Netgear XR700, actually I have 2 of them which cover my property to include a deck overlooking a stream and a work shed, both a fair distance from the routers.

When I hooked the Mikrotik up I noticed my range was as good or better than the Netgearā€™s and then considerably better when I raised it up high on some shelves.

I do plan on using the 2.5GB port for something. This is parked next to a 16 port switch and I just bought a 24 port switch from Mikrotik with SwitchOS.

- John Hagensieker

For me my MikroTik + UniFi Setup is good, I have the hAP AX^3 in my room because I’m too lazy to put an AP on my ceiling :)