Google and Yahoo DMARC requirement

By Darren Nathanael on Mon, Feb 26, 2024

If you haven’t heard the news yet, and/or you’re living under the sea, well, let’s just say that you need to add a _dmarc record if you want to send emails to Google or Yahoo. (or everywhere really!)

If you don’t want to hear my ramble about DMARC, just add a TXT record to with the value:

1v=DMARC1; p=none;

Notice how p=none; actually means that it allows anything and everything all of the time. Gradually, you can move to a more restrictive policy like p=quarantine or p=reject.; For me personally I set it to p=reject because I know anything and everything all of the time. A little bit of everything all of the time.

I would not recommend setting it to p=none all of the time, as it’s basically useless at preventing spoofed email. Thus same as having no DMARC basically.

Official announcement:

You can check if it’s working by using a tool like It should say DMARC record published.

DMARC record @


Let’s talk for real for a moment: Google is everywhere; most companies use it. And I’m not just talking about Gmail; Google is actually a very large corporation that many others rely on.

So, you may ask, what even is DMARC and why is it being used? DMARC (Also known as Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) helps prevent email spoofing and phishing attacks by allowing domain owners to enforce strict authentication policies and receive feedback on email authentication failures.

DMARC Assistant

You can and should use DMARC Assistant when you want to control everything more strictly:

DMARC Example Assistant

And boom! Now you have strict DMARC to prevent spoofing. Happy sending emails!


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