June 2024' Updates

By Darren Nathanael on Thu, Jun 20, 2024

This is my yearly update, or something like that.
Hello fellow nerds who read my blog post, what’s up!

Well currently I am doing a lot of things actually, so if you’ve noticed or not noticed; my /now page is a little abandoned.

But worry not, I’m still planning on posting stuff here soon, especially on an upcoming event… A LANParty. so stay tuned for that. It will be somewhat like WHALELAN, but smaller scale; at around 300~ people.

I’m in charge of managing the network infrastructure, it will be awesome; overkill and amazing. It’s not just me alone, my friend Ryan’s will also be helping, so shout out to him! for the pork ­čÉľ too, very great ngl.

I’ve been reading my bible a-lot lately, thanks to some of people that have reminded me of His Goodness, Amen. (Looking at you Lidia)

Been loving my fresh start bible, review soon…?

If you’ve noticed my grammar / spelling / typo error, forgive me not. Because this is raw unedited blog, served straight from my brain. I’m just pouring out the content here!

Remember love people, love God. Because God is all about people!