AAPanel IPv6

By Darren Nathanael on Thu, Mar 31, 2022 / Updated at Mon, Nov 21, 2022

edited at: Jul, 14 @ 1 PM EST

pov: you’re trying to setup aapanel on an ipv6 only server. well lucky for you aapanel by default disable dashboard ipv6 support. so you googled the google? but you found nothing… untill now.

aapanel by default disable dashboard connection from IPv6, which is stupid because now days because we’ve ranout of IPv4, IPv6 is more common.

To enable IPv6 connection to aapanel dashboard, all you need to do is create a file called ipv6.pl at /www/server/panel/data/ and write True on it.

Here’s a oneliner command that you can run to do so.

1touch /www/server/panel/data/ipv6.pl
3echo "True" > /www/server/panel/data/ipv6.pl

After that, restart aapanel by doing:

2# Then pick restart (which is number 1)

okay have fun, also join my discord <3