Spotify vs YouTube Music?

By Darren Nathanael on Tue, Oct 10, 2023

Spotify vs YouTube Music?

Let me tell you, after a year of switching to YouTube music and cancelling my Spotify subscriptions, it was well worth it. One of the reasons I switched to YouTube music is that their algorithm is better. With Spotify, songs became boring, predictable, and even unexpected. The transition from song to song just doesn’t work for me. There is no way to modify it.

I paid for my streaming service. And I expect them to work without thinking, Spotify and YouTube Music both have free versions of their services, use similar recommendation algorithms, and have TikTok-like features for discovering new music. Both allow you to like and dislike songs in order to fine-tune your recommendations. But after using Spotify for a long time, my playlist become more and more bland. Tasteless. That’s where the YouTube Music algorithm wins; I’m not sure how they do it, but they do. It’s as if Google has access to all of my data… oh wait, they do. Perchance, this is why the algorithm is 10x better.

Because I’m a good blogger like that, I’ve included a list of Spotify and YouTube Music benefits below… :D

Spotify Advantages

  1. Network: Spotify has the most subscribers of any music streaming service. The advantage here is that your friends and family are almost certainly already using it, making music sharing and collaborative playlists a breeze.
    My friend shares Spotify music links 99% of the time when we share music. Perchance I should look for a better friend. 👀

  2. Spotify Wrapped: Spotify Wrapped, possibly the best feature ever? No, it’s not bad at all. However, some users prefer to use a third-party service, such as stats. The only good thing that has come out of it is that it allows you to flex your music addiction on social media.

  3. Spotify Connect: This feature allows for the seamless connection of devices; it is gold. It’s a game changer if you’re constantly on the go, but not so much if you spend 90% of your time at your desk.

  4. Dedicated Apps: Simply put, you have dedicated apps that are more stable and polished. It is available on Mac and Windows. (and linux somewhat.)

YouTube Music’s Advantages

  1. Music availability: Want cover songs? You got it. Want a live-streamed version that only exist on YouTube? You got it. Got that 20-year-old song that is only available on Bandcamp but some user123 uploaded it on YouTube? You got it. Nothing beats it, the wide library is just the best.
  2. Algorithm: YouTube Algorithm is unbeatable, simply put. They have more fine-tune feature to tweak your music, you can even see what’s next and tweak it by clicking your preference. Maybe you want dark, deep romance? You got it. You want upbeat, next? You got it.

Screenshot from on desktop.

  1. Cloud music library: Unlike Spotify, YouTube allows you to upload music directly for your personal enjoyment. It is accessible across all device you are sign in to. It has a cap of 100,000 songs, which is more than plenty.
  2. Offline Mixtape: YouTube music algorithm automatically (automagically) downloads a playlist based on your listening history, ensuring that you have the perfect offline mix.
  3. Music Videos: Want to see the video of the music you’re listening to, just press the damn button. Want to not see the video because you’re outside and don’t have unlimited mobile data. Just unclick it?

  1. YouTube Premium Bundle: It’s included in your YouTube premium! Hey, two service in one payment. Take my CC away!

Overall, jump the ship! Try it; it’s a rabbithole you can’t get out of. And, hey, your wallet will thank you.

I’m not sponsored by Google in any way shape or form. These are all my personal opinion :D

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