Taming Seraphine

Taming Seraphine by Gigi Styx is a good fit for those who enjoy a dark and intense romance with a strong focus on the complexities of human psychology and the blurred lines between good and evil.

MikroTik hAP AX3 - Slow WiFi & Poor Performance?

The hAP AX3 [C53UiG5HPaxD2HPaxD] is an affordable Home Router Access Point, hence the name hAP. Although there's a lot of complaints in regards to wifi...

Mattermost - Open Source Team Collaboration

Mattermost, the open-source, self-hosted platform that combines chat messaging, task management, and collaboration. Unlike other options like Slack or Rocket.Chat, Mattermost offers a straightforward setup with Docker, making it easy to manage and customize.

Spotify vs YouTube Music?

Spotify and YouTube Music are two of the world's most popular streaming platforms. Let me tell you, after a year of switching to YouTube music and cancelling my Spotify subscriptions, it was well worth it. One of the reasons I switched to YouTube music is that their algorithm is better. With Spotify, songs became boring, predictable, and even unexpected. The transition from song to song just doesn't work for me. There is no way to modify it.

King of Wrath - Book Thing?

She’s the wife he never wanted…and the weakness he never saw coming.