UniFi Network Application 8.0.7

UniFi Network Application 8.0.7 adds support for Radio Manager, WireGuard VPN Client, and Site Overview, and improves the Port Manager section by adding an overview of all ports and the VLAN Viewer.

Youtube has started to artificially slow down video load times if you use Firefox. Spoofing Chrome magically makes this problem go away.

YouTube loads drastically slower if you are using Mozilla Firefox [Video]

EU being a chad, they're fixing Microsoft Windows.

Following pressure from the EU, a major tech giant—Microsoft—has been compelled to... Read more

How to connect your domain to Minecraft using SRV records - Cloudflare

Learn more about How to connect your domain to Minecraft using SRV records on Cloudflare if you have non standard port.

Spotify Audiobook - Yummy / Part 1

I downloaded Spotify Audiobook. You can too! legally of course, by paying Spotify premium.

New connect page

I'm late by an hour, anyhow new connect page. What is it? read more.

The Bubbly Extrovert.docx

Bubbly hubbly, a document that I found on my NAS about extrovert.

I lost a TB of data today - And it's alright.

Rainy Day Disaster: Flooded Room and Hard Drive Demise / Learn from My Mistake – Protect Your Valuables!